Pet-Friendly Holiday Gift Guide

cat and dog under the tree.

Treat the pets in your life—both the naughty and the nice—with the latest pet-friendly gifts in our team’s pet gift guide. We’ve curated a collection of trendy and truly fun pet toys and supplies to help you pick the perfect presents for your pets. 

Whether you’re celebrating Christmas or another seasonal holiday, Caring Paws Animal Hospital has the wish lists for your pets covered!


Fall Harvest Foods for Pets

dog eating turkey.

As the leaves begin to change and the air turns crisp, we find ourselves embracing the cozy feeling of fall. From pumpkin patches to apple picking, the autumn season brings a sense of warmth and joy. Just as we indulge in seasonal delights, our beloved pets can also partake in the festivities with safe and nutritious fall foods. Caring Paws Animal Hospital is here to share some ideas about how you can include your furry companions in the fall fun while maintaining their health and happiness.


Hearts and Paws: Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Your Pet

Cat and dog with hearts.

A day that’s all about love, affection, devotion, and soul mates is shockingly similar to every other day when you live with a pet, right? We might own our pets, but they own our hearts in a way that seems to surpass many human relationships. They offer unconditional love without complaint, and provide endless snuggles, kisses, and companionship. It’s time to ring in Valentine’s Day with your pet with even more love than you already give.


Best Activities for Your Pet When Things Cool Down in Florida

Woman and dog at park.

The sun may not be quite as warm and the day isn’t quite as long, but that doesn’t mean our pets want their routines upended. Keeping pets active year-round is good for their physical and emotional health, and it’s good for their human companions, too!

Our team at Caring Paws Animal Hospital has some suggestions for ways to keep pets busy when winter air descends on Florida.


Birds of Prey and the Risks to Pet Safety

A woman holds her small, white dog in a park.

There are many predatory species in Florida, and even small amphibians, insects, and plants can pose significant threats to a pet’s welfare. To fully assess the myriad risks associated with our flora and fauna, it’s important to remember that some of the stealthiest hunters are not on the ground, growing in the garden, or lurking in the water. Birds of prey are critical members of our ecosystem, but they can quickly and quietly undermine pet safety.


Toasty Times: What to Know About Heat Exhaustion in Pets

A dog outside in front of a water bowl.

When meteorologists talk about what the weather “feels like” in Florida, they’re combining the temperature with relative humidity. A typical summer day here measures in at, say, 85 degrees. But with a relative humidity of approximately 75%, you should use extreme caution to prevent heat-related illness. Heat exhaustion in pets is a real threat to health and wellness, but certain summer strategies can help prevent serious problems.