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Advanced Veterinary Endoscopy

Advanced Veterinary Endoscopy

Vet performing endoscopy

In our continuing pursuit of providing our Caring Paws family with the highest level of care, we are pleased to announce that we have added a full endoscopic unit to our hospital!

This technology allows us to pursue minimally invasive treatment and diagnostic procedures such as foreign body removal from the esophagus, stomach, intestines, and sinus cavity, biopsy collection from the stomach, intestines, and pharynx, polyp removals, irrigation and flushing of the sinus, outer ear and inner ear, and upper airway exams with sample collection and much more.

Where surgery would previously have been the only option for these situations, now, when appropriate, we can avoid the invasive, painful, and long recovery times while still providing optimal medical care to your pet.

Common situations where a pet may benefit from endoscopy: Consumption of a foreign object such as a toy or bone, persistent diarrhea or vomiting, chronic cough, chronic drainage from the nostrils, and chronic ear infections.

We're pleased to offer our pet families the advantages of our on-site, advanced diagnostic tools. Please contact us if you have any questions about our testing capabilities.

“Can't say enough good things about Caring Paws. We have seen Dr Danielson in the past and he was thoughtful, kind, and helped resolve the issue quickly. Most recently, we saw Dr Turner for a more emergent operation. He was empathetic and heartfelt, he helped us explore our options, and he even came in late at night/early the next morning to check on her recovery and let us know her status. Not many vets give that personal service and we felt he really cared about our Clover. HIGHLY recommend!”
— Chelsey
“We wouldn’t take our 6 dogs and 2 cats to anyone else. We trust Dr Danielson with our fur babies completely. He always goes above and beyond and has brought many of our rescued pets through some very tough sicknesses. He is genuinely compassionate and, together with his family, volunteers his very limited free time to help at an animal shelter. Every animal is treated as though they are his own.”
— Arthur
“My wife and I had to say good bye to our 14 year old German shepherd last week. From the moment we walked in I could feel the sincere compassion and care that all the staff had. Dr Danielson was super friendly and talked to us about our decision and explained everything extremely well. At no point did we feel rushed or pressured by the Dr. or any of the staff. Today I found out the team sent us flowers and words cannot describe how much that meant to my wife and myself.”
— Zachary S.

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