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Advanced Veterinary Diagnostics

Advanced Veterinary Diagnostics

Fluffy visiting the water bowl too frequently? Rover suddenly limping? Diagnostic testing is the key to identifying the cause of issues such as these. At Caring Paws Animal Hospital, we have a broad range of in-house diagnostic tools and cutting-edge equipment to pinpoint the cause of your pet's issues. These capabilities, coupled with Dr. Danielson's 25 + years of experience dealing with complex cases, lead to an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plan.

Dog in lab coat

On-Site Laboratory

Our in-house lab gives us the ability to process bloodwork and perform numerous other diagnostic tests so we can identify problems as accurately and as quickly as possible.

Our testing capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Bloodwork, including full comprehensive chemistry profiles, blood glucose, CBC, thyroid, CPL/FPL, and SDMA with all results received in as little as 17 minutes.
  • Urinalysis and validated interpretation of urine cytology
  • Microscopic identification of organisms
  • In-house cytology, including ear, skin, and masses
  • PT/PTT (for diagnosing bleeding disorders)
  • Heartworm tests, Lyme testing, Anaplasmosis ehrlichia
  • Feline Leukemia/AIDS
  • Parvo

Digital X-Rays

Cat with stethoscope

From broken bones to swallowed socks, radiography is often used to help diagnose your furry friend's trouble. At Caring Paws Animal Hospital, we use cutting-edge digital radiology equipment to deliver a crystal-clear image.

Accurate radiographic interpretation is essential in determining the best treatment plan for your pet. These high quality images can sometimes help us avoid surgery, thereby sparing your pet the unnecessary discomfort and you the unnecessary expense.

Not only do we use the best equipment, we utilize secondary validation and interpretation as well as a board-certified radiologist's opinion if necessary.


Pet diagnostic equipment

Ultrasounds can help us diagnose a myriad of conditions, including heart disease, cancer, and urinary issues. They allow us to image the internal structures of organs to better identify the problem and thereby create an effective treatment plan for your pet.

Additionally, ultrasound-guided biopsy provides a nonsurgical solution to tissue sample collection, which allows us to effectively diagnose your pet's condition.

When needed, we can call in a board certified ultrasonographer for more complex ultrasound procedures.

We're pleased to offer our pet families the advantages of our on-site, advanced diagnostic tools. Please contact us if you have any questions about our testing capabilities.

“Dr. Danielson is fantastic! Where do I start? Hands down the best vet in the Tampa area! He’s extremely empathetic and you can tell he truly cares about the animals he sees. He is also very good about figuring out the root cause of problems, not just treating symptoms. He fit us in on a day he was fully booked when we had an injured chicken. I also like that it’s a small practice with just one vet. I won’t take my pets anywhere else from now on!”
— Lesley G.
“We wouldn’t take our 6 dogs and 2 cats to anyone else. We trust Dr Danielson with our fur babies completely. He always goes above and beyond and has brought many of our rescued pets through some very tough sicknesses. He is genuinely compassionate and, together with his family, volunteers his very limited free time to help at an animal shelter. Every animal is treated as though they are his own.”
— Arthur
“Dr. Danielson has been our veterinarian for years and he has always taken such great care of our furbabies. He is always so kind and truly cares about his patients.”
— Erin — Lutz, FL

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