Heartworm Awareness Month: Protecting Your Pet

Heart-worm Prevention

Heartworm disease is a devastating parasitic infection that can lead to heart failure, lung disease, and other organ damage in affected pets. The bad news is that heartworms are rampant in hot climates like Florida’s; the good news for Odessa pet owners is that heartworm disease is entirely preventable.

Since April is National Heartworm Awareness Month, this is the perfect time to remind Odessa pet owners and all animal lovers about the importance of year-round heartworm prevention. Read on for valuable information from our team at Caring Paws Animal Hospital about protecting your pets from heartworm disease.


Protecting Your Pet: Essential Tips for Pet Poison Prevention Month

pet toxins.

With March’s arrival, Florida’s mild temperatures invite our pets to embark on new explorations around the house and garden. But with these explorations comes the possibility of contact with hazards. Our pets are naturally curious, which can sometimes lead them into trouble.

March is Pet Poison Awareness Month, and the team at Caring Paws Animal Hospital is dedicated to helping you keep your furry family members safe. The key to understanding and preventing pet poisoning is about creating a safe environment and minimizing potential dangers. 


Pet-Friendly Holiday Gift Guide

cat and dog under the tree.

Treat the pets in your life—both the naughty and the nice—with the latest pet-friendly gifts in our team’s pet gift guide. We’ve curated a collection of trendy and truly fun pet toys and supplies to help you pick the perfect presents for your pets. 

Whether you’re celebrating Christmas or another seasonal holiday, Caring Paws Animal Hospital has the wish lists for your pets covered!


Fall Harvest Foods for Pets

dog eating turkey.

As the leaves begin to change and the air turns crisp, we find ourselves embracing the cozy feeling of fall. From pumpkin patches to apple picking, the autumn season brings a sense of warmth and joy. Just as we indulge in seasonal delights, our beloved pets can also partake in the festivities with safe and nutritious fall foods. Caring Paws Animal Hospital is here to share some ideas about how you can include your furry companions in the fall fun while maintaining their health and happiness.


Spotlight on Feline Health: Coping With Feline Shedding

brushing cat.

Pet hair is somewhat expected for cat owners, and for some may even be a badge of honor. What is normal though? How much should the average cat shed? Is increased hair loss a sign of a problem? A cat’s coat is definitely an insight into overall feline health. Understanding cat shedding can help pet lovers and your team at Caring Paws Animal Hospital take better care of your kitty. 


Top Ways to Prevent Heartworm

Giving dog heartworm chewable.

Heartworm disease is one of the worst parasitic infections your pet can get. Unfortunately, it’s very common in the southern and southeastern United States, including Florida. Spread via mosquito bite, heartworm can affect dogs, cats, and ferrets, but the disease is most dangerous for dogs. That’s because dogs are a definitive host for heartworms. The worms can complete entire life cycles and reproduce inside a dog’s body. 

All it takes is a single mosquito bite for your dog to be infected with this devastating parasite. The good news is that there’s a lot you can do to prevent heartworm. The team at Caring Paws Animal Hospital would like to share our top heartworm prevention tips for dogs and cats. 


Summer Pet Safety

cat at a bbq.

Summer is the season for backyard barbecues, Fourth of July fireworks, and trips to the beach! And while there’s nothing like enjoying our favorite outdoor activities with our animal companions by our side, it’s important to remember that our pets count on us to keep them safe, so we need to be mindful of summer safety hazards that could impact our pets. 

At Caring Paws Animal Hospital, we want your fun in the sun to be safe and enjoyable for your pets. Here are some of our top pet safety tips for summer from our compassionate team.


Microchip Month: Why Microchipping Your Pet Is So important

Pet with microchip scanner at vet.
Microchip scanning a young French Bulldog.

Personalized, colorful collars and tags look great and provide one way to identify your furry family member, but they aren’t permanent. Collars and tags can come off or become damaged, and pets without identification are at a much higher risk of ending up in shelters if they ever become separated from their families.