Cat and dog with hearts.

A day that’s all about love, affection, devotion, and soul mates is shockingly similar to every other day when you live with a pet, right? We might own our pets, but they own our hearts in a way that seems to surpass many human relationships. They offer unconditional love without complaint, and provide endless snuggles, kisses, and companionship. It’s time to ring in Valentine’s Day with your pet with even more love than you already give.

So Happy Together

How many times have you been faced with a decision about where to eat, what film to see, or whether you should attend a friend’s party? 

Guess who is just as happy to stay home and do whatever you want to do? Your pet! They simply want to be near you, and will accompany you between the couch and fridge without any resistance or delay. Not to say that your pet is a substitute for meaningful human interaction, but they really just make life easier and more enjoyable.

No Judgements Here!

Most of us know the pressure that can come with anticipating a proper Valentine’s Day. The anxiety about fitting into the “right” outfit, feeling stressed about show choices, and worrying about how we appear are at the bottom of your pet’s list. They don’t care how you look, what you smell like, or the effect your look is supposed to have on them. They simply don’t register any of that. In this way, they inspire us to just be ourselves and enjoy the moment without hyping it up. This is one of the best lessons taken from spending Valentine’s Day with your pet. 

Hog The Chocolate

Of the most common cliches about Valentine’s Day is, of course, that chocolate is required. We’re not going to argue this point at all, but we will remind pet owners that chocolate is an absolute no-no for pets to eat. The combination of caffeine and theobromine (not to mention the fat and sugar content) can be downright deadly.

The good news is that all Valentine’s Day chocolates are just for you. You do not have to give them up for anybody when celebrating Valentine’s Day with your pet.

Do Your Thing

Pets make great dates. They are happy to go along with you wherever your evening might take you. Pets are also great ice breakers, and can also help facilitate your very own meet-cute at the dog park, dog-friendly cafe, or just out and about. 

If you are recovering from a breakup or dissatisfied with single life, don’t fret. While your pet can’t pay for dinner, hold your hand on a moonlit walk, or give you a massage, they will walk alongside you with devotion and love, gaze soulfully into your eyes, and fill your heart with meaning. Of all the relationships a person can have in life, reinforcing the one you have with your furry friend is an excellent, valuable endeavor. 

Valentine’s Day With Your Pet

If you have additional questions about your pet’s health and safety this Valentine’s Day, please contact us at (813) 723-7297. From all of us at Caring Paws Animal Hospital, we hope you enjoy this day of love and affection with your pet!