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Working Together for the Life of Your Pet

Working Together for the Life of Your Pet

We believe the road to your pet's wellbeing begins with quality preventive medicine; thorough screenings, comprehensive diagnostics, and, most importantly, a well-educated pet parent. Our mission is to ensure our clients have a clear understanding of what we are doing to care for your pet, why the treatment or procedure is being performed, and how it will benefit both you and your best friend.

Preventive and Wellness Care

Whether it's setting up a wellness package for your new puppy or performing comprehensive screenings for your senior cat, the team at Caring Paws is here to meet the needs of your cherished companion at every stage of life.

When it comes to your pet's health, the importance of wellness visits cannot be overstated. Our pets age much faster than we do, so bi-annual exams are necessary to monitor and maintain your pet's health throughout their life. At each wellness visit, we can identify trends and potentially mitigate diseases before they progress.

We dedicate as much time as necessary at each visit to address your questions and concerns, and to make sure you leave feeling confident and educated about your pet's health, well-being, and treatment plan. We also discuss diet, weight management, and dental health. Our recommendations are always tailored to align with your pet's breed-specific needs, age, lifestyle, weight, and other known risk factors. Our exotic patients are received with the same high-level of individualized medicine. We are honored to be partners in your pet's care because we want to see them thrive just as much as you do!

Puppy and Kitten Plans

Cute puppy with ball

The addition of a new little ball of fur or fluff is an exciting time in any pet parent's life. Our puppy and kitten exams are designed to get your dog or cat off to the healthiest start so you can live long and happy lives together. Your new addition needs a thorough physical examination, core vaccines, deworming, flea and tick prevention, and a fecal test. It's important to get your little one off on the right "paw" with a gentle and loving hand. We strive to ensure this new adventure is a fun experience with lots of treats, pets, and kisses.

Additionally, we conduct an in-depth parasite screening for both puppies and kittens, which can detect many intestinal parasites that are typically missed during routine fecal examinations, including giardia, coccidia, and whipworms. These organisms can cause serious harm to young bodies and are a risk to other members of the household, including humans.

Adult Dog & Cat Wellness

Happy adult dog

Wellness exams are the cornerstone of preventive care. They provide us with a comprehensive picture of your pet's overall health and allow us to identify any changes since their last visit.

These wellness exams also allow us to develop a customized care plan for your pet's optimal health—one that includes vaccines and bloodwork, parasite prevention, nutritional advice, and medical intervention when necessary.

  • Dogs— Although we don't like to think about it, it's a fact: dogs age much more rapidly than humans. Once your puppy reaches adulthood, twice yearly visits are essential to ensure optimal health. These biannual visits allow us to uncover any changes that affect your dog's health, such as weight changes, oral problems, or skin issues. Our goal is to catch any problems before they can become more serious health issues.
  • Cats—Cats are classic introverts.They tend to keep their problems to themselves, and pet parents are not always aware that they may be suffering from some discomfort. For this reason, our feline friends greatly benefit from twice yearly visits. We look for things like changes in body condition or dental health, as well as monitor the urinary health of your cat (including checking for stones and crystals). These subtle changes in health, when detected early, can help us identify health issues before they become more serious. New laboratory testing is now available for early detection of serious feline diseases, such as renal failure and heart disease. Identifying these conditions before they become clinical can add years to your cat's life.

    At Caring Paws Animal Hospital, we use the PureVax™ brand of vaccines, which have been shown to minimize vaccine reactions in cats. PureVax™ is the only line of fully adjuvant-free feline vaccines available on the marketplace today.

    We have strategies to help you prepare your cat for a stress-free experience, so please ask us for tips prior to your visit. We can also provide you with an oral medication to keep your cat calm.

Senior Pets

No one likes to think about their pets getting older. However, our geriatric companions need to be seen more frequently to keep them happy and healthy. Preserving the health and well being of our aging patients is a high priority at Caring Paws Animal Hospital. Visit our senior wellness page to learn more about caring for your pet during their golden years to ensure the best quality of life.

Kitten with yarn

Selective Care Options

Wellness visits also afford us the perfect opportunity to discuss other beneficial options for you and your pets, including:

  • Stem Cell Collection—We can harvest stem cells during your pet's spay or neuter surgery and store them cryogenically for future stem cell therapy applications.
  • Dentistry—Your pet's oral health is an important indicator of his or her overall health, and is a key aspect of a happy and healthy life for your best friend. Regular dental exams and cleanings are as important for your pets as they are for humans! During our dental cleanings, we thoroughly clean and examine the teeth and gums, while your pet is closely monitored under anesthesia.
  • Breed Specific Health Screenings—We know that every pet is special and unique, and so is the care required for different breeds and their unique needs. With our breed specific health screenings, we can look at all factors affecting your pet's specific breed, age, size, and body type.

Please contact us today to schedule your pet's wellness visit at Caring Paws Animal Hospital!

“Dr. Danielson is more like a kindly pediatrician than a veterinarian to my four-legged "children", as he calls all his patients. When my "babies" are sick and can't tell us what hurts, his calm, caring manner and thorough pursuit of a correct diagnosis has always put me at ease.”
— Iris — St. Petersburg, FL
“Dr. Danielson is fantastic! Where do I start? Hands down the best vet in the Tampa area! He’s extremely empathetic and you can tell he truly cares about the animals he sees. He is also very good about figuring out the root cause of problems, not just treating symptoms. He fit us in on a day he was fully booked when we had an injured chicken. I also like that it’s a small practice with just one vet. I won’t take my pets anywhere else from now on!”
— Lesley G.
“My wife and I had to say good bye to our 14 year old German shepherd last week. From the moment we walked in I could feel the sincere compassion and care that all the staff had. Dr Danielson was super friendly and talked to us about our decision and explained everything extremely well. At no point did we feel rushed or pressured by the Dr. or any of the staff. Today I found out the team sent us flowers and words cannot describe how much that meant to my wife and myself.”
— Zachary S.

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